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Benefits of Outdoor Activities in Kindergarten

by Anshu Dev

Little kids are a powerhouse of energy. They keep running here and there and keep doing funny things. But these little squirrels have to be in restrictions of the four walls of their home and their kindergarten schools also where they feel like they are arrested and bounded. It is not like these restrictions are wrong. Everyone knows that these boundaries are for the protection and safety of the children but isn’t it good to provide these little kids such an environment where no one is there to restrict them, they can run, jump and enjoy as much as they want until they get tired. All these options can be availed to the kids when they are taken outdoors. Outdoor learning has recently been taken into concern by many kindergarten institutions where kids are taken outside the schools to beautiful parks and those natural scenarios where kids can learn in the lap of nature and fresh air. A few grown-up students enjoy online learning through LMS portals and school LMS. It is so because LMS portals and school LMS proves to be the best support for the grown-up students but kindergarten kids shouldn’t be taken away from fun and entertainment. This fun and entertainment are the sole energy source for the little kids and when they are taken away from this fun, they become sad and lose interest in studying and learning. So, let’s understand the benefits of outdoor activities in kindergarten:

  • Open spaces outdoors for the kids make them happy and it gives them chances to build up stamina and enhance agility in the kids. Those kids who play outside and outdoors have a very active state of mind and physical abilities and they expend their energy in the best way which benefits the mind and body. As they utilize their energy well hence, they eat well also. As a plus benefit it helps to develop physical abilities also which is necessary in the development of early stages of their growth.
  • Kids should be encouraged to play outdoor games and enjoy outdoor activities which can include running, jumping, throw and catch and various games which require physical effort. This is so because this makes them inhale fresh air and fresh air keeps the health of kids fit and fine all the time. Fresh air brings an ample amount of oxygen in the body of the kids.
  • This is not only beneficial in the matter of schools but also in the matter of home, when kids step out of their home then this becomes boon for other kids also because in outdoor activities kids become socialize with each other and with other people in society and also it provides kids a chance to make some healthy friendships through which their interpersonal skills will get a boost. In some particular cases during such outdoor activities introvert kids meet extrovert kids and learn to come out if their shyness & such friendships turn into life-long friendships.
  • Physical activities in which kids get involved in outdoor activities makes them very concentrated towards their studies. When kids play their favourite games outdoors then they tend to win their games and they concentrate on each and every factor which can make them win or lose the game. This way the concentration level of the kids increases which they also use in their studies and learning and hence perform well in their studies also. In these outdoor games those games can also be included which can be a good career to the kids further like badminton, cricket, foot-ball, swimming etc. 
  • Due to boredom kids get trapped into stress and exhaustion soon, this can harm their physical and mental health. To save kids from such stress kids must be taken to outdoor activities and games where they can enjoy to their maximum extent. During outdoor games when kids play and jump, they actually release their stress when they sweat out and this makes them relax from all the factors which can cause them stress and they return happy and with lots of stories about what happened on the ground to tell their parents.

Following above explained suggestions are those benefits of outdoor activities in kindergarten which can ensure the healthy growth of kids.

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