My true name is João Victor Angeline, but to have a easy pronounce, in the internet my name is John Torvik. Nice too meet you, visitor ?

A bit about me:

I’m 21 years old and I live in Sao Paulo, Brazil – – I can speak English, Portuguese and Spanish.

I’m a PHP developer with great experience using WordPress and CSS/HTML/JS + JQuery and themepunch plugins. Of course, I’ve worked and work with themes from ThemeForest for a long time already, but now I decided to open my company and develop themes.

My Experience

I worked as a supporter and developer for Elite and Power authors like


Actually, I am working in the

I’m always polite and can extensively write instructions to best help the customers, I feel extremely satisfied when the problem is finally solved and I don’t accept delivering half-baked solutions.
Well, that’s it! Enjoy my work ?

John Torvik



2011 and 2014 WordPress, jQuery, HTML and others



2015 and 2016 Support and Developer guy


2011 Support and Developer


2014 and 2016 Support and Developer

Nicdark Themes

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