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Freelancing Tips for a Complete Beginner

by Ethan More

Working from anywhere, at the rates you choose, and with the clients of your choice – this is the dream. That is the life of a freelancer! Freelancing is incredibly common these days. According to World Bank data, freelancers account for 46.4% of the global workforce. However, remote work did not have the widespread acceptance it has now. When working from home was common practice after the pandemic hit, people saw the comfort and convenience of being in control of your work. 

The idea of switching to freelancing and not knowing enough about the industry is frightening. How do you start? What should you expect? Will you be able to make it successfully as a freelancer? 

If you have all these questions crowding your mind, do not worry! We can help you figure it out! Here are a few helpful tricks to help complete beginners start their freelancing journey. 

Select a Niche 

If you have a couple of skills up your sleeves, it is natural to want to use all of them. However, the best practice is to pick a niche and stick to it. Identify the skill you have your expertise in and cash it. 

People on freelancing platforms are not looking for mediocrity. These platforms are already saturated and have tough competition. To make it in the highly competitive freelancing industry, you need to present your best skill. Let’s say you are an excellent content writer, your profile should market your writing skills and not casually mention an accounting course or amateur graphic design skills you have. It would confuse a potential client.

Build an Online Presence 

Whether you like it or not, networking is an integral part of making it as a freelancer. You need to stay active on the freelancing platforms you choose to market your services on. Engage with the community and post what you are up to so people can communicate with you. This will help you meet people. Most freelancing platforms have forums where people share their experiences, the projects they worked on, and the skills they have mastered. All this insightful information can be great for your freelancing journey. 

Invest in a Good Internet Connection

A reliable internet connection is essential to be a successful freelancer. If you are working remotely, you want to make sure you communicate with your clients effectively and are available in case they have queries or need revisions. On freelancing platforms like Fiverr, your response time affects the ranking of your profile. For this reason, you must be quick to respond when a potential client reaches out. A reliable Internet connection will also help you complete your projects on time and meet customer expectations. 

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Request for Referrals 

People new to freelancing often shy away from asking for referrals. Truth is, it is not an unfair ask. If you have completed a project and the customer is satisfied with the results, there is nothing wrong with asking for a review or referral. Ask your clients to leave a review under your profile or gig after you have completed a project. This helps other people see the work you do and can even bring in prospective customers. When you are starting, it can be difficult to get work, as people are scared to trust a newbie with their projects.    

Clarify Expectations and Ask Questions 

When taking on a project, do not be scared to ask questions and properly understand the expectations of the client. It is always better to avoid all misunderstandings by knowing exactly what the client wants. This way you can have a productive discussion and give the project your best. Furthermore, if the client has an unrealistic expectation you can correct it during the discussion instead of being stuck with it after you start working on the project. 

Upskilling Is Important 

The key to being a successful freelancer is improving as you progress in your career. Upskilling is an important part of this process. The downside of not being a part of corporate culture is that you do not get to attend educational seminars or undergo training to improve your skillset. Fortunately, all the information you need to learn is already available online. You just need to have the will to learn and take dedicate some time to the process. It will help you get more and better work. 

Try Freelancing Part-time

If you are too freaked out about completely switching to freelancing, give it a shot part-time. The best feature of being a freelancer is that you have complete control over your hours. So you can work in the later hours of the day or during the weekend just to see if it is for you. 

Manage Time Efficiently!

The biggest challenge of being a remote worker is managing time effectively. If you can learn time management, freelancing becomes a lot easier. Being a remote worker you do not have to adhere to a strict routine, which could lead one to become disorganized and lazy. Make sure this is not the case with you. It is best to have some kind of routine, so you can introduce some levels of discipline back in your day. 

To Summarize

As a freelancer, you can work from wherever you want, choose the working hours that you feel most comfortable with, and pick projects you like. However, taking the leap and entering an industry you know little about is scary. Freelancing in this digital age is convenient and highly desirable. Follow the tricks mentioned to navigate your way as a novice freelancer and be patient with the journey. Best of luck!  

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